Don’t judge me but… the first blog post is scary

So, here it is. The first post. A blank canvas. A really terrifying blank box. It’s always tricky starting something new. I guess you may want to know a little bit about us and what we’re going to be blogging about. Even if you don’t, I’m going to write something anyway.

There are two of us blogging here – Emma (lovely, bubbly, fun, wine-loving lady living in Manchester) and Laura (completely awesome, better than Emma, rum-drinking lady living in Cheshire). We like trying new things and thought we’d share our experiences with the lovely folk out there in internet land.

Intro pic

Some of our posts will be about days out and experiences, others may be food or craft related. Emma loves nail art and fashion so expect to see some of that as well! I have a feeling that there may even be a couple of posts about fitness/lack of fitness as we’ve both signed up to the Manchester Colour Run and neither of us are (currently) runners and we’re working on changing that.

There we have it, a short (but hopefully sweet) intro. Feel free to ask us anything you want to know in the comments and we’ll get back to you soon!



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