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Cuptails March – G&T

Emma and I are both fans of cake. And cocktails. Naturally, putting cakes and cocktails together seemed like the best idea in the world. Boozy cupcakes? Yes please!

(Please note that we’ve decided to keep it clean and call them cuptails. The other version conjured up some frightening imagery in our minds)

But why keep them to ourselves when we could share them (well, our thoughts on them at least) with all of you?

Every month we’ll be bringing you a new boozy cupcake. As it’s Mother’s Day in the UK in March I thought this would be a good starting point. My mum is a bit of a Gin ‘snob’ – she likes to drink nice, expensive gins and refuses to try certain brands. For the past two years I’ve bought her some nice gins for Mother’s Day, and she was in my mind as I baked these cakes.

I found a recipe for these ages ago on Pinterest, . I pretty much followed the cake recipe, although I was a bit confused that the gin wasn’t added until after the cakes had finished baking (although this does mean you aren’t losing the booze while it cooks). The gin I used was Gordon’s, and I just used some Tesco tonic water with lemon. I was a bit concerned that adding the gin at the end would make the cakes soggy, but they turned out ok. I went a bit off recipe with the icing, not really measuring it out and added a few drops of lemon juice because in my mind gin and tonic should always be served with a slice of lemon or lime.

Cuptails March1

Cakes out of the oven

To do the icing, I used a duo icing piping bag that my mum had bought me from Lakeland. Word of advice – Don’t dump half of your icing into one side and then attempt to put the other half in the other side. It won’t work and you’ll end up squeezing loads out so that it comes out duo-tone. I’d add a spoon of each at a time so that one side doesn’t become over full and prevent the other side from reaching the nozzle. I tried to cheat and do it quickly without creating more washing up – it’s definitely worth dirtying a second bowl!

Cuptails March2

The verdict?

The cake itself was lovely and moist and I think I’ll use tonic water in cake mix again. I couldn’t really taste the gin, and I’m not sure I’d bother pouring it over the cake next time (although I might add a bit more gin to the icing next time. Mmmmm, gin) The icing tasted lovely, and the lemon added a nice touch without being overpowering.

The cakes went down well, both with my mum, my co-workers and my partner’s friends when they came around – they all loved how moist the cake was and the gin flavoured icing.

I also realised that it’s a good idea to try and take photos BEFORE giving cakes away to people. Ah well, live and learn, right?

Feel free to comment with any cocktails you’d like to see in cake form and we’ll see what we can do!



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