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Cuptails May – Ummmm Irish?

Ok, so this month’s cuptail may not be a ‘traditional’ cocktail. And even if it was, I’m not sure I could face drinking it. This month, the cuptail that henceforth shall be known as ‘The Irish Cuptail’ was made.

Guinness chocolate cupcakes, with Irish Cream buttercream icing on top. Mixed together in a glass, this would probably be a disgusting drink. Made into cake and icing however is just pure heaven.

The recipe for this was taken from from a book my boyfriend’s mum bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago, called Celebration Cupcakes. If you search for it on Amazon you may even find the recipe I used on the ‘Look Inside’ feature.

Making these, I missed one very important bit of information. The very start of the recipe, where it says ‘makes 24′. I work in a small office – there’s only 4 of us when everyone is in. This is great when it comes to making goodies for the office (as you can make 12 cakes and not run out) but less useful when you’ve made 24 cakes and want to get rid of them, because tasty as they are, you know that eating them all is a really bad plan. Especially if you’ve signed up for a 5k run that you’re supposed to be training for. The mixture was really runny, so I used an ice cream scoop to get it from the bowl into cupcake cases without making too much of a mess. It’s also a great way to ;measure’ the amount you put into each cupcake.

One very very full mixing bowl...

So basically, I ended up with 24 cupcakes. Did I have enough icing sugar to make icing for 24 cupcakes? Nope, I ran out. I think I managed to get 8 cuptails iced in the end. Everyone agreed that while the cakes were nice on their own (and didn’t taste too much of Guinness but were lovely and moist) that the Irish Cream icing really was the… ummm. The icing on the cake. It completed it, and complimented the cake perfectly.


And there is May’s cuptail – a bit of a cheeky one, as it’s not based on a proper cocktail. I’ve been checking out a mojito cupcake recipe that I’m dying to try out, so perhaps I’ll be back on track a bit more next month! As always, suggestions of cuptails you’d like to see are always welcome!



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