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Cuptails June – Pina Colada

I had such great hopes for these, as I love pineapple and pina coladas so much. Alas, these did not live up to my expectations, but that’s probably more my own fault than I’d like to admit.

Is there anything nicer than fresh pineapple, that’s just been cut up? Well, probably, but fresh pineapple is pretty high up my list of things I really like. The recipe called for tinned pineapple crush, but I thought it would be silly to use tinned when fresh is so tasty and I happened to have a pineapple in. This may have been mistake number one. Tinned pineapple (in juice) is much jucier than fresh pineapple (unless it’s extremely ripe) and these cuptails just didn’t have enough pineapple flavour for my liking. The coconut came through nicely but the pineapple was lost. Also, pineapple crush probably spreads through the mixture better than my attempt to cut up the pineapple into teeny tiny chunks.


Also, when mixing, the coconut makes the mixture looks well… a bit sick. Not so aesthetically pleasing!


Remember how I made far too many of the Irish cuptails in May? Well, this time the mixture didn’t make enough. I made sure to check that the recipe didn’t make 24 like last time, and I thought the 12 that the recipe promised would be a good amount. Somehow, I only ended up making 7. Even if I had used pineapple crush as suggested, I don’t think it would have made another 5 cuptails! Perhaps I’m trying to make them too big? Ah well. I really did try to get every last morsel out of the bowl.

IMG_0080IMG_0084With there being so few cakes, they didn’t last long. The stringent quality checks that get performed on my baked goods meant that there were none left to ice.

So, not as amazing as I had hoped – but I may try again. You never know, they could make another appearance in the monthly cuptail posts…

(Yes, I’m aware I’ve posted this in July instead of June! But I’m now done with my exams and hope to be posting more promptly)


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