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Cooking for One – Quick Quinoa – Budget Friendly

Super quick post to share one of my new favourite recipes for quinoa…

I have recently become a fan and have developed the below technique to suit me for food prep for the week and it’s pretty healthy too which is a bonus!

My use for this recipe is food prep for a weeks worth of meals however you could follow the same recipe for a family for tea one night.

I have this as an accompaniment to a main dish such as Spanish chicken which provides a monetary benefit per meal as this is filling and cheaper than the Spanish chicken. It’s also a healthy carb option for those wanting to avoid potatoes.

I have found that the best way to cook quinoa for the tastiest results is to bake it in the oven. The finished product is light and tastes delicious and it retains its structure so doesn’t go goopy like couscous can. It normally doubles in volume once cooked and the chickpeas add some extra substance.

  • Quinoa (depends on size of dish)
  • Water (as much as is needed)
  • Chickpeas (usually 1 tin)
  • Crushed garlic (as much as you like – I usually use a couple of teaspoons)
  • Paprika (for colour, be careful with smoked paprika as it can dominate the flavour of the dish)

Quantities can vary depending on how much you want to make but the best way to judge it I’ve found is to cover the quinoa in about 2cms of water. This is in a dish with a large surface area though so use your judgement.

I put everything into the dish, give it a quick swirl to mix it all together and throw it in the oven for 30-40 mins. I’m usually cooking it with something else so adjust the cooking time accordingly. But to judge it, each time I check once all the water has gone and then the quinoa should be suitably cooked. I usually have the oven temperature around 180 degrees C in a fan oven.

Let me know if you end up making this and if you get stuck please comment below… I hope you enjoy it!


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