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Don’t judge me but I loved Planning my friends Baby Shower

So recently my friend has had a baby and as soon as she told me she was pregnant, I cried, congratulated her and I asked if I could arrange a baby shower. She agreed and following my usual planning process, I set about creating a Pinterest board with inspiration for cute baby shower themes, gifts, accessories, decorations, games and food ideas.

Baby showers are traditionally an American affair but I love the idea of getting people together to celebrate the arrival of a new baby.

She wanted the shower about a month before her due date and provided me with a list of people to invite and their numbers. I did a text invite to everyone initially to get them to book the date in their diary a couple of months before and then sent out invite cards a couple of weeks before the shower letting everyone know roughly what was happening on the day. I found that most of the guests had never been to a baby shower before, so letting them know what to expect worked out well.

We arranged for prizes, bottles of bubbly or non-alcoholic bubbly, chocolates and face masks and everyone left with a prize and a smile!

There were nibbles and cake on offer in a buffet style, although the shower started at 2pm so people had time to have their lunch before arriving and it finished at 5.30pm (approximately) just in time for their tea… so our snacks were more a gap filler than a main meal and we planned quantities well, so there weren’t any leftovers at the end of the day.

I had planned a 3 hour window to include games, socialising, eating/ drinking and a tour of the nursery. This, of course, over ran and people ended up leaving at about 5.30pm instead of the planned 5pm finish. But as this was because everyone was having so much fun, it wasn’t a problem.

When thinking of ideas I wanted to make sure my friend had a much input as she wanted but I really love Winnie the Pooh, so instead of having a boy/girl themed shower, I suggested Winnie the Pooh as a theme and my friend was happy with that. Although she knew she was having a boy, I still think that having a neutral colour scheme (beige) can look nicer than the classic baby pink or blue. There are actually a lot of ideas/ free printables/ merchandise that you can get that is geared up for a Winnie the Pooh baby shower. We managed to create decorations, masks and games, buy food and prizes for under £50 and had a great day.

To keep costs down I would advise making as much of the decorations and foods yourself as possible. I bought a pack of cards and envelopes and printed onto paper which I then stuck on to the card. This was much simpler than my original invite idea and worked out well.

You can find my baby shower ideas Pinterest board on our dontjudgemebut page here Pinterest – Baby Shower Inspiration Board (Please follow us!) so if you’re looking for inspiration, feel free to have a browse. I also created some generic template documents when I was arranging the shower; these are also available for anyone that want’s a quick to print option.

One element I thought was particularly nice was an idea I had seen for wishes for the baby. I sent these to people in advance because writing something like that under pressure isn’t easy! We collected them at the shower and the parents now have them to look back on in years to come.

Part of the shower was a nappy raffle, everyone brought a pack of nappies with them and there was a prize drawn out of a hat. They could be any size of nappy and people brought a variety with them. I decided to include this in the shower after seeing quite a few people doing them on Pinterest and it resulted in a small stack of nappies that my friend now doesn’t have to buy… (link to nappy raffle template) and as everyone knows babies use a lot of them!

Given the age range of the people invited to the shower, I decided to plan a range of games that would hopefully be engaging for all the people there. We ended up playing a few of the games but didn’t have time for the music round L which I was looking forward to. For anyone looking to arrange a music round, I have included my list of song titles on this Pinterest board, feel free to use them. Please do let me know how you get on with it though, as I didn’t get to try it at this shower.

I created the below documents that you can use if you’re planning a shower. Please let me know how you get on with your shower and if these were any help.

Baby Shower Tips

  • Pick a theme early in the planning stages – it’ll make buying bargain decorations that much easier by allowing you plenty of time to look for the best deals. It also helps with food choices as some themes lend themselves to certain foods.
  • Know your audience – chances are most of the people attending will be different ages. So make sure your activities cater to all the ages in attendance (or at least most people).
  • Have back up games – it’s better to be over prepared, so if the talking starts to fade, you can revive the fun with something interactive that will bring everyone back together again.
  • If you’re doing it at the parents of the baby’s house you may want to include a tour of the nursery – just let them know beforehand if that’s the plan so they can make sure its tidy!
    • If you’re not at the house, you could always pass pictures round too.
  • Music can be overpowering in small spaces and can stifle conversation, so I would advise against it, or keep the volume low.
  • When you’re planning try and test some of the activities so you think of all the equipment or added bits you might need to ensure that the game is a success. For example:
    • Pens to write down answers
    • Something for people to lean on when they write their answers
  • If you make any quizzes, make sure you make them all the same length (or less than the max) and then you only need one answer sheet that you can print multiple times!
  • When playing the chocolate nappy game
    • It can get messy/ runny!
    • Make sure you number the nappies with a marker
    • Use disposable plates/ bowls to heat the chocolate on in the microwave (saves you the pain of a load of washing up!)
  • Baby bingo
    • Remember everyone can’t have the same card because everyone would win at the same time!
    • I used the same words just in different positions on the cards
    • FYI – everyone cheated! It was funny i.e. which room will the baby be sleeping in? (Answer – Nursery, followed by lots of scribbling on cards!)
  • Celebrity baby names game will not be for everyone. I had a couple not want to play and a couple who really enjoyed it.
  • Be prepared, not everyone will want to play all the games, that’s ok, as long as they enjoy themselves.
  • Keep things flowing throughout the party
    • If people are unsure where to be or what to do, get them together and play a game
    • Make sure everyone knows when it’s time to eat!
  • People will be late – allow 30 minutes and then kick things off; they can catch you when they arrive.
  • Have a speed round – it livens things up and gets people laughing – remember it’s got to be something everyone will want to play otherwise it won’t work.

Please comment below with any feedback and share if you think this would be useful for others to see 🙂


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