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Easy Yoghurt Oat Pots

As part of my food prep I like to include a snack and I find these yoghurt pots delicious and a good source of various healthy nutrients.

I recently watched a TV show that suggested that the calcium in dairy can help reduce the amount of fat you take in each day so the yoghurt in these pots is standard Greek yoghurt. I appreciate this may seem contradictory but as I understand it not all fat is bad for you.

I also include chai seeds which is another source of good fats and fibre. The raspberries add flavour, vitamins and fibre. While the oats are a small carb portion and are known to release energy slowly. The honey is an indulgence and purely to add a bit of sweetness to the pot.

I eat these in the morning as a mid morning snack to keep me going until lunch time. But they could just as easily be used as a dessert or a snack at any other time of the day. For example if the biscuits are sent round at 3.30pm everyday you could have an oat pot instead.

These pots are good for people trying to maintain a healthy balanced diet as well as those on a budget. My pots cost approx 72p per pot, so compared to an sandwich shop or supermarket version, which can be over £2, it’s a positive bargain! It’s easy for me, as I only cook for myself, to make enough for the whole week in one go. For example below I’m making six at one time. It took me 10 mins to put all the ingredients in the pots (minus photography time!) so super quick and easy to pull together. These need time to soak, overnight at least, otherwise the oats can be quite dry.

I find using frozen raspberries the best because as they defrost in the fridge their juicy goodness soaks into the oats making them extra delicious. I’ve tried these with fresh fruit and it wasn’t as good but if you have fresh and have the time you could always freeze then overnight first (just remember to prepare the fruit before you freeze it!).

You will notice that the honey disappears into the pot, rest assured it’s still there. The oats have just soaked it all up; which just adds to the deliciousness!

I documented my process for you last night. I don’t really measure too much apart from the oats (1/4 cup per pot).

To make six as I have below you will need:

  • 6 small Tupperware pots
  • 1 pot of Greek yoghurt
  • Porridge oats
  • Frozen raspberries
  • Chai seeds
  • Runny honey (optional)

Step 1. Six empty pots (mine are from Tesco they were about £1.50, but they’re not available currently)

Step 2. Put a dollop of yoghurt on the bottom of each pot and spread it so it covers the whole base
  Step 3. Add the oats and give the pot a shake so they settle evenly

    Step 4. Add the chia seeds

   Step 5. Sprinkle on the frozen raspberries       Step 6. Use the remaining yogurt to cover each pot evenly

   Step 7. Squirt with runny honey as much as desired (it won’t need much)  The finished yoghurt oat pot after 1 night in the fridge…
Ready to enjoy…  YUM!


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