Judging Harshly – Lockin Escape Game, Manchester. Mission 60

Another escape room post! We did this one back in January and really enjoyed it. We have played here before (the extremely difficult Treasure Hunter room) and I have to say that I wasn’t crazy about going back, as I thought the Treasure Hunter room was a bit too ridiculous (very close to impossible in my mind – it required a lot of out of the box thinking. So far out of the box that you were in a different room to the box!) Lockin Escape Game is in Chinatown in Manchester, and is a little bit tricky to find. If you’re going for food afterwards though, you’re spoilt for choice!


Back to Mission 60. The background story is that the president’s son has been kidnapped, and the location of where he is being held has been identified. There’s 60 minutes to get into the room and rescue the president’s son and reveal the plot.


I am glad that we went back to do Mission 60. It’s a really well thought out room, plenty to keep all of us busy. One particular puzzle had us stumped for a while, but once we thought it out properly it made a lot more sense. The props in the room were really good, and nothing was too obvious – I think almost every puzzle made us think twice.


But did we escape?


Mission60 lockin

We sure did! With a good amount of time to spare as well 🙂



We liked this room. The variety of puzzles was excellent, and lots of things in the room made us smile. If you have a choice between Mission 60 and Treasure Hunter, try this one!





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