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Boots no7 face brush


I got a great deal on my facial cleansing brush from Boots. It’s was £15 (half price) when I bought it and I got two extra heads and a face scub with it on 3 for 2 so all in all a bargain!

My mum had first mentioned the face brushes to me as she wanted one as a gift and when I was researching them I was quite shocked at the price of some devices.

Compared to my bargain basement purchase of £15, there was one brand that was £150 for just the brush. 10x the price I paid.

Whilst I appreciate certain products have more features which could justify a higher price; this product is basically a big electric toothbrush and they’ve been around for years so any price variation in features should be minimal because the technology is already in the advanced stages.

This leads me to the conclusion that it’s literally just the brand name that people are paying for.

I have no intention of buying the more expensive product to compare it with my brush; as my brush does everything I want it to do.

But for the comparisons sake, these are some of the features of the Boots brush compared with some of the features of other, more expensive, brands:

Boots: £30

  • Two speed
  • Water resistant
  • Battery operated

Clarisonic: £150

  • Three speeds
  • Built in timer
  • Stand and charger

Rio: £48

  • Base charger
  • Two speed
  • Built in timer

Clinique: £79

  • Two bristle types
  • Two speeds

Having used the brush pretty much weekly for a few months I have definitely noticed a difference and my skin feels amazing after I use it. I try to stick to just once per week so that I don’t over exfoliate my face as I wear makeup everyday so that’s harsh enough for it!

When I bought the brush I sought advice from one of the reps in store so I made sure I got the best products for my skin. She was very helpful and friendly and I would recommend when buying beauty products to always ask for advice even if you end up not taking it in the end.

This is the best beauty product I’ve bought for years and I’d highly recommend it to people looking for the results of a weekly facial without the expense.


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