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Mermaids vs Unicorns Make-up Palette – Makeup Revolution

So  I woke up one Sunday and decided that it was reasonable to put on a full face of make-up (including lashes) to go and visit my friend and her family…

Not sure it was my best decision as her nephew asked why “all that stuff” was on my face… after contemplating explaining to him that it increased my confidence and psychologically made me feel better about myself, I decided that at 4 simple was best and told him it was face paint, which he automatically accepted.


I have recently bought one of the Make-up Revolution Mermaids vs Unicorns eye shadow palettes and have not been brave enough to wear the bold colours that caught my eye in the shop. So I thought I’d give them a go when I really didn’t care what I looked like and could actually just wipe it off if it was that bad!

I used three colours from the palette from left to right starting from #1 8964382457886

#5 – Medium sparkly blue

#10 – Navy sparkly blue

#11 – Dark sparkly blue

I used #5 under my eye to line it and just above the eye liner.

I used the #11 shadow in the crease of my eyes and to create a tapered effect to match the wings on my eye liner

I used #10 just under the crease to add depth to the look

As a base I used the Benefit eye shadow primer, which I’m not super keen on as after a couple of hours I notice creases in the shadow.

I also used my Urban Decay palette to do the light colour under my eyebrow, the brown colour in the crease and the shiny silver in the inner corner of my eyes. My eye liner is the NYX mouse liner, that I decided to try on a whim one day… it’s OK but I prefer gel liner as the mouse can be a bit flaky as you apply it.


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