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Mermaids vs Unicorns Make-up Palette – Makeup Revolution

So  I woke up one Sunday and decided that it was reasonable to put on a full face of make-up (including lashes) to go and visit my friend and her family…

Not sure it was my best decision as her nephew asked why “all that stuff” was on my face… after contemplating explaining to him that it increased my confidence and psychologically made me feel better about myself, I decided that at 4 simple was best and told him it was face paint, which he automatically accepted.

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Judging Harshly – Misfit Shine

Judging Harshly – Misfit Shine

I vowed that this year would be the year I became fitter. I’d been looking at activity monitors (aka overpriced pedometers) and had it narrowed down to a couple. I finally decided to get the Misfit Shine, because it was waterproof and I could go swimming with it. It also seemed very versatile as it can be worn on the wrist like a watch, or hooked onto socks/shoes (for cycling/running) or even worn as a necklace. I’d read lots of reviews and most of them were positive.

Before I purchased, I did some online research trying to get a decent price. It was retailing for about £75 on Amazon, around £55-60 on eBay (new) and £55 from Blacks. I ended up getting it for £49 from Tesco online and was able to pick it up the next day.

I excitedly opened up my new device. I liked the packaging of everything, although it could have been condensed. I felt like the instructions that came with the device were clear but not very in depth, and ended up looking for a manual online. I was really surprised at how lightweight the Shine was – I knew it wasn’t heavy, but I had expected something a little bit more substantial!

The first task was to open up the Shine device and put the battery in, which was simple enough. The next task was to sync up the device with the app. I have an android phone which is coming up to 2 years old. I looked for the app. It wasn’t there. A little bit of online digging showed that my phone wasn’t compatible with the Shine (it wasn’t easy to find this information out!) Luckily, my android tablet is slightly newer and I was able to download the app. Panic over, I hadn’t just spent £49 on something I wasn’t going to be able to use properly. Phew!

The final task was using it. The Shine measures your steps and lets you know how close you are to completing your daily goal (which is set up using the app). It has 12 lights around the edge of the Shine which light up. Normally, the lights are off, unless the device is ‘double tapped’. If 1/12 light up then you still have a long way to go, if 11/12 light up, then you’ve almost completed the goal for the day. These 12 lights also let you tell the time, which can take a bit of getting used to. Another feature of the Shine is that it can tell you how long you’ve slept, and how much of your sleep is ‘deep sleep’. When the Shine is synced up to the app you can get this information, along with detailed information of how many steps you’ve taken and distance traveled. If you go swimming or cycling with the Shine, you can tell the app, and it recalculates your calories and how close you are to your daily goal. I love that if I go for a swim in the morning before work then I’ve often nearly reached my daily goal! Since getting the device the activity options have increased and now also include tennis, soccer and basketball.

People have noticed the Shine on my wrist and commented on it, asking ‘what is it?’ It doesn’t look particularly watch-like, but seeing their amazement when it lights up to show the time is fun. All in all, it’s a handy little device and it’s interesting to see how far I’ve walked each day, and how many calories it thinks I’ve burned (which seems very high, but it takes into account the calories you burn naturally by just ‘being’ – so even if you spent the day sat completely still and the only activity you did was breathing it would still show you as having burned calories)

Would I recommend it? Yes, I would. It’s nice and light, and doesn’t look out of place on your wrist. It’s a great sense of achievement when you hit the daily goal and can encourage you to walk a bit more.

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Yoghurt maker review

I recently bought a yoghurt maker from Lakelands. It cost £19.99 and since I got it, I’ve used it about 10 times and it’s great.

You only need two teaspoons of yoghurt as a catalyst to make a whole litre so if you keep some back at the end of every batch you never have to buy yoghurt again.

You do need milk though. Any milk can be used but the easiest option is Uht milk as it has been pasturised already (heated and cooled in a specific way to eliminate bacteria) otherwise you have to do this yourself and it time consuming and (to me) more complicated than its worth.

I’ve also purchased some muslin cloth to strain the yoghurt. This makes it thicker and more the consistency of total yoghurt that the runnier natural or Greek style yoghurts you get in the supermarket.

There were a few options I found when looking for this yoghurt maker, including a £10 option from Wilkos. I ruled this one out because although the machine was cheaper, they advised you to use sachets of powder with milk to make the yoghurt and the packets were £2.50 each (plus milk) so overall it wasn’t as cost effective.

There were also other options that for example had several jars that you incubated at once however for me space is an issue so I wanted something more compact (and I got 4 smaller but ideally sized Tupperware tubs from wilkos to store the yoghurt in).

Admittedly I don’t eat flavoured yoghurt, I tend to eat plain yoghurt with fruit and honey or make my version of a yoghurt salad as a savoury option which I enjoy with spicy foods. So I can’t say weather this would be the right product for you if you’re looking to make flavoured yoghurt.

It’s definitely a good option for me though as its got no added sugars at all and I can make it to whatever texture I require using muslin cloth.

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Makeup Revolution – Salvation Velvet Lacquer

My cousin recently told me about a brand of make-up I had never heard of before and 1 week later, I’m in love with it!

Makeup Revolution is a relatively new brand available in Superdrug and on-line. It’s main goal seems to be to provide affordable make-up that is the same style as the high end brands. To that end it has several dupes in it’s product range that are similar to brands such as Mac, Nars and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

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Intro to Baking Class – with Currys PC World and Kenwood

Last week I was invited to a bloggers Intro to Baking Class, with Currys PC World and Kenwood. I’ve been a little bit lax on baking recently with lots of things going on, so I jumped at the chance to get back in the kitchen, hoping for some inspiration. Continue reading